The Sidekick At Oxford Film Festival
Posted by: Kris
Date: Jan 26th 2014

Rob Benedict tweeted yesterday that he, along with Richard and Jason Ritter, will be at the Oxford Film Festival February 7th – 9th. There will be a screening of Rob’s film: The Sidekick. Below are the dates and times:

Friday, February 7th
Time: 11:30 AM

Saturday, February 8th
Time: 6:00 PM

For more information, visit:

Free Fugitive Pope CD Download!
Posted by: Kris
Date: Jan 17th 2014

Richard was kind enough to tweet a link for a FREE download of his band’s only CD. If you don’t have it, you can download it: HERE. It is a zip file so you will need a program to extract the files.

Richard On The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Posted by: Kris
Date: Jan 15th 2014

Richard was a part of The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. The episode was entitled: #148: The Red Plains Rider in “Carobonite-mare”. Below is the official synopsis:

Starring Busy Philipps as the Red Plains Rider, vigilante on and from Mars. Also starring John Ross Bowie as USSA executive officer Glenn; Annie Savage as the Spider Queen; Mark McConville as the monster; Richard Speight, Jr. as intergalactic mobster Chesh Glutterfane; Paul & Storm and Mark Gagliardi as Chesh’s coterie; and Matt Gourley as the rat monkey.

Recorded November 2, 2013.

To download the podcast, you can visit the official site: Or download it on iTunes for free: Here.

This was posted on the “To Appomattox” Facebook page:

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope the holidays were filled with good cheer and wonderful blessings. Here’s the update so far. Kickstarter is a go for end of February or 1st week of March.

Just before the New Year I received a message from Mic O’Halloran–one of our group here–and he made a remark that took me by surprise, but was EXACTLY right. He felt that I was getting a case of the “McClellans.” Looking back over this last year since I begin talking about the Kickstarter that is certainly what it has become; each time we get close, some network or star or producer shows some interest and I put the brakes on and wait…and wait…and wait…and while there’s always the best of intentions and always real fans/champions at these places, the project never gets the final greenlight and we’re accomplishing nothing. Like McClellan on the Peninsula. Haha.

So, while we are still owed a response from that “superstar” who approached us (he’s opening a movie this Friday so I doubt that we’ll hear anytime soon), and ANOTHER network asked to read the scripts and claims they want to do “a pared down version and make it a series rather than a mini-series” (but they haven’t done anything more than that), well, I’ve stopped worrying about those leads.

I’m doing the Kickstarter. They can be part of that or not. But I’m not waiting around anymore at Yorktown. It’s on to Richmond for the TO APPOMATTOX team.

The Kickstarter campaign is looking amazing. The Reward structure we have built perfectly suits my desire to have our backers be able to participate in the production in a number of meaningful and REAL ways. My belief is that those who help fund this film (which will be the first two episodes done as a feature which we will either sell to a network or release in theaters), become my “studio.” So beyond the usual DVD’s and copies of the script, t-shirts, etc. there are some really cool opportunities to help in the filmmaking process.

The other good news is that our private financial partners (who have been with us through all the ups and downs) have agreed to MATCH EVERY DOLLAR we raise through the Kickstarter Campaign.

All that’s left now is for our stars and backers to approve the campaign we’ve built and their participation in it, then we launch!

More as I know it!

Richard On the Set of “The Evil Gene”
Posted by: Kris
Date: Dec 8th 2013

Earlier today, Richard tweeted:

Beaten up in the make – up chair… just another day on the set of “The Evil Gene”.

I tried to find more information on the project.  I found the official site: There’s also a Facebook page and a Twitter page, both of which can be found on the site.  There is no cast listing yet, so I can’t tell you what role Richard has in the film.

BurCon Video Clip
Posted by: Kris
Date: Dec 4th 2013

Below is a clip of Richard returning Jensen’s gym shorts at the Burbank Supernatural convention.’s 10 Best Supernatural Characters
Posted by: Kris
Date: Nov 27th 2013

On the website, there is a new article detailing the ten best characters that have appeared on Supernatural. I am happy to say that Richard’s character of Gabriel snagged the #2 spot on the list. Below is what was said about our beloved Tickster/Archangel:

2. Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.): The Trickster, Loki, Gabriel — I don’t care what you call this archangel, this prankster puts Jimmy Kimmel to shame. He’s also given us some ofSupernatural‘s most memorable episodes (“Mystery Spot,” “Changing Channels”). And though the way Gabriel mischievously antagonizes the brothers borders on sadism, he drops some serious knowledge along the way. Who can forget when he told a tearful Sam that his love for Dean is gonna be the death of him. Oh, and need I mention the costumes?!

To see who else made the cut, Click Here.

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