Van Con Candids
Posted by: Kris
Date: Aug 28th 2014

Emily has kindly allowed me to post her photos of Richard from the Supernatural Vancouver convention last weekend.

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Richard tweeted the link to a recent interview of his for the March/April issue of Scene Magazine. The interview was conducted by fellow Supernatural alumni AJ Buckley. I’ve also added the digital scan of the article to our gallery.

BEFORE THE SCENE with Richard Speight, Jr.

This article originally ran in the March/April 2014 issue of Scene Magazine.

Richard Speight, Jr. is a veteran actor from Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for his roles on the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, on The CW’s Supernatural and as Deputy Bill Kohler on Jericho. He can next be seen alongside Danny Trejo and Lin Shaye in the film Mucho Dinero.

What made you want to be an actor?
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to become an actor. When I was five, I started doing plays in Nashville, Tennessee, where I grew up. What I really fell for first was theatre. At the time, Nashville was a pretty small theatre community. It was a tight knit group. So, once you’re the nonspeaking five-year-old in a Greek tragedy, you might be the nonspeaking five-year-old in the next play. And I had two older sisters. They had dance class, then they went to acting class and I sat in the waiting room. Eventually I stopped sitting in the waiting room and decided that if I’m gonna be there for an hour, I might as well take the classes. And that really sent me down the road. I was just immersed in the world. I remember specifically deciding when I was fifteen that I wanted to do it for a living. Eventually, the dance class went away because I really wasn’t that good. But the acting stuck. I moved out to Southern California and I went to USC and majored in theatre.

To read the rest of the interview: Click Here.

To view magazine scan: Click Here.

I have uploaded new, better scans from Issue 20 of Supernatural Magazine. You should now be able to read the whole article and enjoy the images that go with it.

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AppleBox (2011 Short Film) Captures Added!
Posted by: Kris
Date: Jun 13th 2014

AppleBox is a 2011 short film, written James Madio and Rick Page. It’s about a film star, who despite being short in stature, is at the height of his fame. However, when he loses his lucky applebox, James Bronson’s career falls apart. Richard had a small roll in the film. He played a TV personality as well as a casting director (off camera). I have screen capped his bit and uploaded the images to the gallery. I have also included Rick Page’s official Vimeo link for the film if you wish to watch it.

AppleBox Captures
Watch AppleBox

AHBL 5 Con Candids
Posted by: Kris
Date: Jun 5th 2014

Amy has kindly allowed me to post her photos of Richard from the Supernatural“All Hell Breaks Loose” Australia convention last weekend.

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I have obtained a couple old episode stills from The Agency via These photos of Richard are from Season 2, Episode 3: “The Great Game.”

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La Musica Provata Facebook Photos
Posted by: Kris
Date: Jun 2nd 2014

Richard is currently in the process of filming a movie called: La Musica Provata. There’s no information available regarding his role in the film at this time. But after some digging, I stumbled across the film’s official Facebook page. They have some shots of Richard on set as well as shots of him at Jus in Bello, I believe. I have uploaded the photos to our gallery. Check them out.

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JIB Con 5 Candids
Posted by: Kris
Date: May 26th 2014

I have uploaded two different sets of candids from the Jus in Bello Supernatural that took place in Italy this past weekend. The first set is directly from Jus in Bello’s official Twitter page. The second set is from Olivia via Tumblr.

View Jus in Bello Candids Set #1
View Jus in Bello Candids Set #2

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