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Current Projects

Brick Madness (2015)
as Jeff Tisdale

An underdog must defeat the arrogant national Brix champion to reclaim his charity and clear the name of a fallen champion.

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Mucho Dinero (2015)
as Rick

Two "down on their luck" buddies are convinced by a third to take a vacation. Only after landing in the third world country do they realize...

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The Evil Gene (2015)
as Griff Krenshaw

FBI agent Griff Krenshaw is dispatched to solve a murder at a federal correctional facility for inmates with a rare genetic defect that leads to psychosis and violence. Once there, Griff becomes convinced that the facility is plagued by a much darker force.

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Bad, Bad Men (2015)
as The Bookie

BAD, BAD MEN is a comedy about Josh, Royce, and Steven, three good guys and fellow realtors who are...

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To Appomattox (2015)
as Nathan Wexler

The emotional lives of America's Civil War generals, their wives and families - from West Point to Appomattox - against a backdrop of a war.

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March 12th – 15th, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada


March 27th – 29th, 2015
Seattle, Washington


May 15th – 17th, 2015
Rome, Italy

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Minnesota Con Candids

Skyeofdaisies has kindly allowed me to post her photos of Richard from the Supernatural convention that took place in Minnesota. I have uploaded them to the gallery.

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Posted by: Kris on August, 24th in Richard News
Richard Posts About Misha & the Minnesota Convention

The Minnesota convention has come to an end. What a weekend. Huge room? Check. Fired up crowd? Check. Actor attacked by street thugs? Check. Such a sad and weird side note to an otherwise great event. We are all so grateful that ‪#‎MishaCollins‬ didn’t sustain more serious injuries. Though bad, it could have been much, much worse. Some jokes were made both backstage and on stage about the encounter, but sometimes, that’s just how guys address stressful situations. At least that’s how we guys from the ‪#‎Supernatural‬ universe do – just ask stroke survivor ‪#‎RobBenedict‬ or shoulder surgery veteran ‪#‎JaredPadalecki‬. But I can assure you, we were all shocked and incredibly concerned when we heard the news. Even those not at the convention responded quickly. ‪#‎JimBeaver‬ and ‪#‎KimRhodes‬ immediately reached out to me. ‪#‎TimOmundson‬ texted me from England. ‪#‎WilliamShatner‬ blew up my phone with worried DMs.

Click Here to read the rest.

Posted by: Kris on July, 30th in Richard News
Supernatural Parody – Gag Reel

Posted by: Kris on July, 27th in Gallery Additions
DC Con Candids

Lauren has kindly donated her photos of Richard from Salute to Supernatural – DC Con. I have uploaded them to the gallery.

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Posted by: Kris on July, 19th in Gallery Additions, Video Site Additions
Payne (TV Series) Captures & Clips

I’ve added captures and clips from Richard’s appearance on the short-lived 1999 sitcom Payne.

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Posted by: Kris on July, 18th in Gallery Additions
A Walk in the Dark (2006 Short Film) Captures

I’ve added captures from Richard’s appearance in the 2006 short film A Walk in the Dark. You can watch it online, for free: Here. Credit to my friend Susan for finding it.

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Posted by: Kris on July, 17th in Richard News
TheGeekiary.com’s Interview with Rob & Richard

At the San Diego Comic Con, Richard and Rob were interviewed by Bandit of TheGeekiary.com.

Rob and Rich, God ‘n Gabe, the Kings of Con. Regardless of how you refer to them, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. are not only amazing actors, but good friends. Known to most for their roles as Chuck Shurley aka God and the archangel Gabriel (respectively) on Supernatural, they dropped into SDCC for more than just the sun (and to buy me an iced coffee).

Bandit: Alright, so I know you guys are here for Thrilling Adventure Hour. So, I know how you got involved in Thrilling Adventure Hour, Tim Omundson said he brought you in.

Rich: That’s right, that’s right. But it was actually at a Comic Con two years ago, three years ago. Rob and I were training down and I got a call from Tim saying I’m supposed to do this thing but now I can’t come down there, we’ve coordinated with these guys, so, fill in for me. I said sure, having no idea what Thrilling Adventure Hour was and then realizing that it was live-stage reading and I was in over my head with some very funny people. But after that I was hooked and fell in love with the guys in the show and you know after that saying thank you, thank you, please take me back! So I was Rob’s Omundson.

Rob: Yeah, exactly. I was begging you guys to get me in.

Rich: Yeah, that’s right. You were […] And with good reason […] Incredibly funny guys and girls doing super-heightened, really intelligent funny stuff. And they just finished their 10 year residency […]

Click Here to read the rest of the interview.

Posted by: Kris on July, 16th in Video Site Additions
Dead Weekend (1995 Film) Clip

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